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  4. What You Should Know about Gabapentin Side Effects — September 13, 2017
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Oct 05

Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are common to people who are above 30 years old and most people develop hemorrhoids at least once in their  lifetime. They are just a natural contraction of the muscles inside the anus. It can cause a lot of pain if these clumps of muscles begin to grow a little bit bigger than normal and if left …

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Sep 14

Vdrl Blood Test

The full form of the word VDRL is Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test. The VDRL blood test is been tested for the determination of syphilis. The VDRL type test was first used before 1st World War, with its first iteration being developed by August Paul von Wassermanwith the help of Albert Neisser in the year …

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Sep 14

Summary: Article About General Information On Stds

STDs is one of the biggest medical scares that have reached a pandemonium level around the world today. The earliest records show that STDs first occurred in America during the First World War when there was a Syphilis outbreak among the soldiers. Back then it was believed that Penicillin was the cure all to the …

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Sep 13

What You Should Know about Gabapentin Side Effects

Gabapentin is a drug manufactured for the treatment of seizure. It can also be used as pain relief drug. Like any drug, Gabapentin has some side effects. It is quite usual for conventional medicine to be associated with some side effects. Experiments conducted with Gabapentin have shown there are some side effects associated with the …

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Sep 12

Fishy Vaginal Odor: Causes, Treatments and Preventions

Fishy Vaginal Odor is definitely something irritating as well as embarrassing for every woman. Such a condition has the tendency to cause the sufferer to have a low self-esteem. As a matter of fact, such an odor is able to cause high discomfort and lack of confidence. Vaginal odor is a common thing when the …

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Aug 11

Brain Injuries

A brain injury is any injury occurring in the brain of a living organism. There are a number of good resources related to the injury to the brain. Some of them are: Brain Injury Association of America NINDS Traumatic Brain Injury Information Page The Brain Injury Recovery Network The Brain Trauma Foundation Traumatic brain injury …

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Aug 10

Which personal development goals should you aim for?

It is important to focus on improving yourself because there is nobody else in the world who can help you other than yourself. Some people are there to give you advice but it would still be up to you whether you would follow them or not. There are so many personal development goals out there …

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Aug 07

Gabapentin Side Effects

The most noted Gabapentin side effects upon intake are dizziness, drowsiness, having coordination problems, infections, fever, nausea or vomiting, swelling or fluid retention in the legs, feet, arms or hands and unusual eye movements. The other side effects noted by some patients of less than one percent are shakiness or tremors, double vision or blurred …

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Aug 07

Vyvanse And Depression-A Known Bond

Vyvanse is used to treat depression. But usually dotors prescribe Vyvanse as the last possible treatment in order to save a patient of depression. As doctors consider the fact that the amohetamines should be the last tool to cure depression. Vyvanse is a pro-drug amphetamine. Vyvanse, on entering into the body of a patient, turns …

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Jul 05

Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder blade pain is a typical condition that can be felt or experienced by anyone at any moment in their lives; though elders are more prone to be in this situation since they are under the process of aging which makes the bones and joints more brittle.  This situation makes our elder people less adept …

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