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  1. Camel Meat — May 1, 2016
  2. Steak Umm Burgers Big Price for little value — April 24, 2016

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May 01

Camel Meat

Whether your camel dish is a success really depends on the state of the camel when it entered the abattoir. Stressed camels tend to result in tough meat that has an inferior taste. The very best camel comes from a relaxed beast. As many beasts are shot from the air during culling, it is wisest …

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Apr 24

Steak Umm Burgers Big Price for little value

For more than 40 years Steak-umm has sold pre-sliced steak meat. Now they have finally branched out into the burger market with their Steak-umm Burgers. Steak-umm Burgers are no seasonings-added, 1/3-pound patties made from USDA-inspected beef chuck that won’t fall apart when cooked. The burgers can be broiled, pan-fried or grilled directly from the box …

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