Oct 05

Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are common to people who are above 30 years old and most people develop hemorrhoids at least once in their  lifetime. They are just a natural contraction of the muscles inside the anus. It can cause a lot of pain if these clumps of muscles begin to grow a little bit bigger than normal and if left untreated can cause serious discomfort.

The main symptoms of having hemorrhoids include itching when defecating and discomfort or pain  inside your rectum while pushing out the stool. If you feel a jolt of pain along side the other symptoms mentioned, chances are you have hemorrhoids.

Lucky for you there are natural treatments that you can take to prevent and treat hemorrhoids. However, if you really feel intense pain and bleeding, it is essential that you seek a professional’s help.

Eat Nutritious and Fiber-rich Foods

When discover that you have hemorrhoids it is time to cut down on food that are hard to digest. Eating fiber-rich food like oats, whole grain cereals, fruit, vegetables etc. can aid digestion. These type of foods soften your stools so that it will glide smoothly within your rectum for easy defecation.


To reduce the inflammation and discomfort from hemorrhoids, try taking bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are plant compounds that boost and strengthen blood vessels and their walls.

Witch Hazel Cream

This cream is taken from the bark of Hamamelis Virginiana. This cream is applied to the anal area of a person with hemorrhoids. Applying this cream give a relief to itching and lessen swelling.

Horse Chestnut

A compound called aescin is found in horse chestnut which can bring relief to a person with hemorrhoids. Swelling and further inflammation is avoided when you use horse chestnut as directed.

There are still many natural remedies that can get rid of hemorrhoids. If you want to save money or you are a little embarrassed when buying over the counter hemorrhoid treatment creams or pill then you can go and create your own concoction or remedy. The best thing about natural remedies is that they have little to no side effects that might occur during or after application.

Dehydration is the main enemy and perpetrator of hemorrhoids. When you are dehydrated, the friction in your rectum is greater. And the rubbing of hard feces with the walls of your rectum causes hemorrhoids.Also when you are under medication or taking medicine to cure hemorrhoids, it is best to drink plenty of water to maximize the effect of your medicine. Avoid drinking alcohol as this can dehydrate your body and make hemorrhoids worse. Delaying treatment of hemorrhoids can lead to further health complications. If you are unsure of what natural or chemical remedy to use, then ask your doctor for assistance and he can provide you with accurate treatment and dosage requirements  Also, if you choose a natural treatment and find it is not working, then consult a doctor.