Organic food = kids who don’t sleep

It’s final: whole foods cause kids to not sleep. Refined carbs and sugar cause kids to sleep peacefully so their moms don’t have to go on Zoloft.

So, the experiment continues, and the evidence is mounting: Feeding your child refined carbs and sugar will help them sleep the sleep of textbook-perfect angels, feeding them whole grains, organic meat and dairy and fresh fruits and veg will make them into satanic superkids who don’t need sleep.

Yesterday was The Little Nutball’s real birthday (although the party was on Sunday). We let her pick a restaurant to have dinner at and she chose Mandarin. Because I just wasn’t in the mood to argue over food, aside from pushing a couple pieces of broccoli (which seemed to have been sprayed in grease) and the odd strawberry, we let her eat WHATEVER she wanted. This consisted of chicken balls in neon sauce, one rib, puff pastry and ice cream with sprinkles. Plus a non-alcoholic pina colada. Result: she fell asleep on the ride home, stayed asleep when carried into bed. At 9 PM!

Today, back to our usual routine. Swim class (cancelled due to “pool fouling” but she got to run and burn off steam for an hour in a gymnasium program), followed by dinner at home. Lasagna where I slipped in some kale instead of spinach (“Mommy, I hate kale!”), plus a couple pieces of roasted pepper, then apples, cheese etc. And guess what: the usual B.S.: in bed by 9:30 PM, eyes actually shut at 11:30 PM. I’m going to continue my research and eventually present them in parenting book format.

Here is some values for organic foods at

Some Comments from Readers:

1. I also have a preschooler and feed her only healthy food. I keep her as active as possible so that she’s tired by bedtime. The only time she eats refined sugars is the odd meal (once every 7 days as a treat to her) and if she did well in her swimming class (focused), etc she receives a lollypop or a few jelly beans. I think we need to give them a little refined sugars, and stick to a routine of bedtime time, for them to understand clearly “this is bedtime now”. I do admit I lie down with her after reading her books until she falls asleep.

2. I grew up on a farm with no junk food. Bed time was 9 pm and we went to bed promptly. It’s about parenting skills, not organic food! But I know we now live in a victim-hood society, so someone/something has to be blamed – rather than taking individual responsibility.

3. While I appreciate the humorous tone of your blog as a mother of 2 girls myself, please be cautious about how you present it…this headline pops up looking for all world like a news article,and there are plenty of half-asleep people out there for whom a headline alone is enough to justify feeding their kids fries and gravy with a side of white bread for dinner instead of planning nutritious meals.
I’m half expecting a phone call from my mother any second now telling me that it’s just been ‘proven’ that organic food is not healthy and causes sleep problems in childen. In fact, diets high in refined sugars and carbs have been ‘proven’ to lead to obesity and diabetes. If your kid’s not sleeping well, you may be having dinner too late or she’s sensitive to one of the ingredients (probably cheese- which was, by the way, recommended to me as a snack to perk myself up when I was having trouble trouble staying alert all day as a student.)Good Luck!

4. After reading this post and his comments I don’t know what should I suppose to give my children to eat. I try to feed them as healthy as possible but from time to time they don’t sleep well and I can’t blame only the food that they ate. I really am afraid for my family’s health.