Jul 05

Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder blade pain is a typical condition that can be felt or experienced by anyone at any moment in their lives; though elders are more prone to be in this situation since they are under the process of aging which makes the bones and joints more brittle.  This situation makes our elder people less adept in coping with the pressure, and the weight which are more often carried or lifted by the shoulders or shoulder joints.  On top of this is the need for our upper extremities to be highly mobile as required by our everyday activities.  This also adds up to the stress that our shoulders feel.

Due to the complicated shoulder structure, all these complex movements contribute to the pain between shoulder blade.  It then makes our shoulder blades prone to sprains and strains.  The shoulder capsules may even get torn and inflamed.  The joint structure which is made up by the muscles, ligaments and bursa are also affected.

Pains that are experienced on top of one’s shoulder blade or scapula may be caused by a certain large muscle called the trapezius and the smaller muscles at the bottom of it which have been raging over a long time already. The raging of these certain muscles can be due to over fatigue, trauma or severe stress to the muscle.  Eventually, all these muscles will form nodule or few nodules that will later on develop in to trigger areas leading to intense pains to the areas surrounding the trigger points.

On the other hand, pains experienced under the shoulder blade may bring the notion that the pain is not felt on the shoulder itself, but from some other areas in the body.  Although, this scenario can determine which specific organ in your body is really experiencing pain that send a radiating effect on your shoulders.  Pain felt in your left shoulder may be a signal that you have problem with your stomach or chest, while pain felt in your right can signal a gall bladder problem or worse, gallstones.  It may also indicate liver disease or a certain inflammation in your duodenum.

Reasons For Pain

  1. Rotator cuff syndrome which may lead to strain or sprain
  2. Muscles that do not belong to the rotator group may be torn
  3. Tendons may be torn, as well as some ligaments
  4. Viral infection in the other parts of the body may also cause shoulder joint pains
  5. Joint dislocations
  6. Muscle trauma caused by golf and other shoulder stressing sports
  7. Osteoarthritis
  8. RA or Rheumatoid Arthritis
  9. Fractures due to direct trauma
  10. Inflammation of bursa

These are the conditions that generally contribute to the shoulder blade pain that most of us are experiencing.  Due to this, it is advised not to neglect this shoulder blade pain and to seek professional help immediately as it may be due to some health problems.  We usually get rid of the pain in the area where we feel it, not knowing that it may be due to some other problems – like more serious underlying medical conditions.  The immediate cure may just be applicable when the shoulder blade pain experienced is due to an accident, a fall or a certain trauma.

Are you fed up with experiencing the following?

–          Shoulder pains

–          Rotator cuffs pain

–          Weaker shoulder

–          Poor agility, flexibility and low range of motion

–          Feeling of frequent discomfort

–          Sleepless nights

–          Bad posture

–          Being idle due to weak shoulders

What Is The Best Solution

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