Aug 07

Vyvanse And Depression-A Known Bond

Vyvanse is used to treat depression. But usually dotors prescribe Vyvanse as the last possible treatment in order to save a patient of depression. As doctors consider the fact that the amohetamines should be the last tool to cure depression. Vyvanse is a pro-drug amphetamine. Vyvanse, on entering into the body of a patient, turns to amphetamine from amphetamine pro drug and works effectively. It is an effective medicine for the treatment of depression; but again it’s use and frequency of the doses must be prescribed from the doctor.

The mode of action of all drugs is different. When other antidepressants are taken by a patient, they affect neurotransmitter erotonin and do the required action. Where as, the mode of action of Vyvanse is quite different. Vyvanse after entering into the body affects norepinephrine and dopamine. Brain has got reward and goal setting segments and one may call circuits. Dopamine is the basic neurotransmitter that is present in this are of the brain. This is the additional quality of Vyvanse that it works directly on dopamine that is an important neurotransmitter in the brain. The mechanism of Vyvanse is such that it inhibits the reuptake of dopamine.

Vyvanse also inhibits the reuptakes of dopamine and increase the effect of these circuits. The patient of depression does not feel happy and can not have pleasure in the things which normally people get from. Normal activities seem boring to them and of no importance. Thus, the things need to be monitored well in th epatoents of depression. Depression ceases all brain’s orders and circuits and freezes the patient to one point bacuse of which the condition gets worst.

What vyvanse does is a simple mechanism. Vyvanse works tactfully with the brain of the depressed payient. It works with brain’s reward and goal seeking circuits. Vyvanse acts as a stimulant and stimulates the motivational trends of the brain. It also subsides the condition of anhedonia. Anhedonia is a condition in which the patient can not enjoy those things that are being enjoyed by other normal people. Vyvanse works effectively by raising motivation in brain and also by decreasing and subsiding anhedonia.

Generally amphetamines work effectively and readily, that is a drug’s requirement. Vyvanse causes therapeutic response in those patients who are in extreme depression. It’s efficacy can not be challenged as it has proved itself for certain number of times. It’s effective and works immediately on dopamine which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that controls motivational trends of the brain.

Amphetamines are the drugs that are rightly called short acting drugs and that they really are. It’s effect lasts for a shorter period of time and then vanishes away. Similarly, vyvanse entering into the human body works effectively and on immediate basis. Meanwhile, it’s effect lasts for shorter time period. When such condition happens, then rebound depression happens. Rebound depression is far more worst and extreme than basic depression.

Moreover, Vyvanse can not be taken on regular basis or on repeated terms. This is recommended because body can develop immunity against this drug which may lead to further issues. If the body becomes immune to Vyvanse, then Vyvanse will be no longer effective to the particular body and that could be quite dangerous in the state of depression.

The dose of the drug must be increase if the resistance of the body increases with the drug. If such condition will occur, then amphetamine psychosis will become a problem and that will happen because of the increased doses.  Increased doses may lead to other serious issues in which depression may reach to the extreme condition and the patient may even think of committing a suicide. That is why, it’s doses should be given and taken as per doctor’s advice.

Vyvanse and depression– not an unknown bond any more this is. Vyvanse effectively treats depression and works in a different manner as compared to the other drugs. But for this, doctor’s recommendations are important for it’s dosage and frequency of doses. Higher doses may lead to serious psychological issues which can be avoided only if vyvanse is taken in depression as per doctor’s advice.


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