Sep 13

What You Should Know about Gabapentin Side Effects

Gabapentin is a drug manufactured for the treatment of seizure. It can also be used as pain relief drug. Like any drug, Gabapentin has some side effects. It is quite usual for conventional medicine to be associated with some side effects. Experiments conducted with Gabapentin have shown there are some side effects associated with the drugs. Having full knowledge about its side effects will be of benefit to you. This article will help you to know what to do if any of the Gabapentin side effects occurs to you.

One thing you should know about Gabapentin effects is that there are some serious side effects that are associated with this drug. These Gabapentin side effects may not be occurring regularly or frequently but they can be very serious when they occur. Consequently, if the occur you should report immediate to your physician and or pharmacist for medical attention. Such side effects may include:

• Hostility to people around
• Depression and gloomy look
• Acute dizziness, coordination problems and confusion which seem to last for a long time

Some of the Gabapentin withdrawal effects may be as a result of allergic reaction to the drug. Such signs of allergic reaction include:

• Urticaria and rashes
• Itching
• Swelling

Sometimes, people who use Gabapentin may suffer from depressive behavior. Any person who suffers from the above mentioned Gabapentin side effects should immediately seek medical attention. It may be deadly to delay visiting a doctor for attention.

Besides the above mentioned Gabapentin side effects, there are other side effects that have been discovered in studies carried out on Gabapentin in clinical trial. These negative effects are not as serious as the above mentioned ones. But this does not mean that they should not be taken care of when they occur. The rates at which these side effects occur are minimal and they are not common. This is why it is always difficult to tell whether these side effects are caused by Gabapentin or not. Some are:

• Weight loss
• Severe headache
• Ulcer
• Hiatal hernia
• Sexual problems.

The above do not exhaust the list of side effects of Gabapentin.