Aug 10

Which personal development goals should you aim for?

It is important to focus on improving yourself because there is nobody else in the world who can help you other than yourself. Some people are there to give you advice but it would still be up to you whether you would follow them or not. There are so many personal development goals out there that it is impossible to make all of them come true. However, not all of them are important so here are the ones that you should always keep in mind. Some goals are not even realistic and are more suited to be in a bucket list.

1) Become the person you aspire to be

First of all , we have different types of personality such as sage and sapiosexual check the details. If you are not satisfied with what you are currently doing in your current job then don’t waste your time there. One of your personal development goals in the near future should be to shift to a job that you love doing. Sometimes, the salary you are getting won’t even matter as long as you love what you are doing. After that, you must aim to advance to a supervisory level and then on to the next rank. Even if you took up a course in college you did not like, that still should not stop you from getting a job you prefer all along. For example, if you took up a course in nursing but you wanted to become a writer since you were a child then you can still pursue that and nobody can stop you from pursuing that dream.

2) Enhance the quality of your life

You should never be satisfied with the current quality of your life because it can always be improved. For example, if you own a 2001 model Toyota Revo then you should never think that is the car you will drive for the rest of your life. You can always aim to get the newest Toyota Fortuner in order to have a high self esteem. Besides, your old car will become old in due time and you would notice everybody else is changing cars. This is one of those personal development goals that is hard to achieve but with the right motivation, you can make it a reality.

3) Defining your ethics

You must take a look at what you are doing every day in life and figure out if they are right or not. For example, it is not right to smoke cigarettes in public because a lot of people would inhale the smoke. It is also not right to ignore an old lady when she is trying to cross the street because you can help her and it won’t take too much of your time. One of the most personal development goals is showing everyone you demonstrate the right morals especially your children because they would look to imitate what you do when they grow up. It won’t be good for their future when they see their parents do nothing but drink a lot of beer after going home from work. It may be an old habit but it is not a good idea to show them.